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My Rick and Morty Confession

I teared up when Rick said he loved his grandkids. 

I think the reason why I like this show so much is because the characters fit into these little archetypes but then they break them.

Morty is supposed to be ‘dumb’ but he says some super deep stuff that proves how intelligent he is. Summer is the preppy chick who wants to be popular and she does have moments of being shallow but she also has these great moments where she stands up for people that no one else stands up for—like Satan, and that entire montage of her and Rick beating up bullies. 

Then there is Rick. He’s a drunk, he’s offensive, he makes snide remarks and is utterly narcissistic but he tears up at the thought of possibly losing Morty, goes out of his way to get Summer’s attention, compliments his daughter. He cares deeply about his family; so much so that—when he and Morty ruined the dimension they were from—he found another one where they could be with their family like nothing happened. They could have just hopped from one dimension to another and forgotten the whole thing and in some ways they did, but they always come back to eat breakfast and interact with alternate versions of their family. 

And when Rick finally admitted that he loved his grandkids, I legit teared up. 


aww yeah

Awww yeaaa

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